Poor Doo Doo the whale is having trouble going to the toilet – he swims the seas to visit his friends for advice.   Help from the diva Deer, pumped up Star Fish, and crazy street dog comes to no avail, so it’s left to the wise old owl to delve deeper and find the source of Doo Doo’s poo poo troubles.  Inside he discovers human waste cluttering up Doo Doo’s tummy and instructs all the animals to help clear him out so he can use his potty once more.  The Whale Who Cant Poo is a story by and Friends and is written to educate and amuse children into looking after the oceans.  The project was funded by the Khun foundation. 

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Nice Monster created detailed concept art for the visualisation of the puppet characters – figuring out the scale, the mechanics and personality of each puppet was priority.  Doo Doo had to strain so we knew we needed to add moveable eyebrows and eye motion to this character. The Starfish is a fitness and yoga guru so his mechanism had to allow for him to do the splits and star jumps. The Owl is wise and majestic, the diva deer a tad arrogant and the dog is crazy. We gave him wobbly eyes on springs. All the design work enabled the puppeteers to have an easy job whilst performing as we put a lot of detail in the underlying mechanisms to help them with the show. 

The designs then get taken to the workshop and our team turn them into living breathing puppets.


The stage show is also accompanied by a story book.