Animation, Creative Direction


Wonderfruit commissioned us to create this tribute animation for his majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. We created beautiful visuals that we felt would represent his kindness and achievements in a metaphorical way. Mixing an organic forest built from rice and dry flowers we mixed cgi animation with stop motion to create a story which see our king separate his love into tiny pieces and giuve it to the land he is leaving.

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Knowing the impact his majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej  had on Thai people we wanted this animation to be a collaboration – made with love – by those who respected his majesty contribution to Thai life.  It was an emotional film to create, we had many tears and even more smiles along the way, gathering people together to embrace creativity with the overall goal to make something heart felt.  With this in mind we chose the material of rice to be construction material for the film.  The king himself created many projects – turning baron fields and communities into rice growing regions – increasing prosperity and happiness for the Thai people.  This increases the relevance to create the set from rice.  The rice also allowed us to broaden the contribution that people could make, artists of all ages contributed to make the amazing rice forest.