Steven Spencer Director Biography

Steven Spencer is a multi-award winning animation director and writer with a passion for making distinctive and memorable films. In 2016 he directed Frozen:Northern Lights. A new adventure for Disney and Lego of the highest grossing animation of all time.
His broadcast and theatre work have seen him create visually stunning art for clients including the Royal Opera House, Bolshoi Ballet, Brit awards. He has also worked for Bafta winning studio Ragdoll, and multiple commercial work for a large number of agencies around the world.


His passion for art started from a very young age, when he would sit for hours drawing his own comics based on far out ideas gathered from 80’s movies and the people around him. This need to be creative continues as Steven strives to create bigger, more beautiful projects in the near future.

Steven founded Nice Monster in 2010 after being commissioned by the UK Film Council for his film entitled Momster. This film is a dark fairytale, a young girl is held prisoner by her evil father but is rescued by a monster she imagines. The film and nice monster grew together as a place where creativity induces bravery.

Director Credits

FROZEN Northern Lights. DISNEY | LEGO | M2 | PictureThis

Elsa, Anna, Olaf and friends go in search of the elusive Northern Lights. I was asked by Picture This studio & M2 to direct this Frozen story for Disney and Lego. Using all the original cast from the original film we strived to add that Lego wackiness into the Frozen world. From pre-production up until final delivery this project was full of fun and challenging, working with an animation and production crew of around 100 talented individuals.


Two bad ass dudes, have no where else to turn so set their sites on a bank heist, in the middle of their final self-annihilating act, one of them sees something he had never envisioned, an awakening. Trapped in a cycle of PTSD nightmares and isolation Sonny and Ginger want to make a statement to the US government showing how far they have fallen off the tracks since leaving the US marines.
Based on the cult graphic novel of the same name.


“Creating the animated biopic BEST was a real passion project of mine.  George Best was one of my hero’s growing up thanks to my mother buying me bundles of videos and memorabilia from the local charity shops.  He  truly is the greatest footballer that ever existed, watching him, his balance an uncanny ability to see what other player couldn’t.  His integration into the world of rock and roll was also something that appealed to me as a admirer growing up.  But this film was never going to be about these aspects of his life – this film delved into the shocking effects that press and media intrusion can have on a young man and his family”


RTS Award:My Brown Friend
Performance Short Film Award:Momster
Olivier Award:Woolf Works


British Animation Awards:BEST
RTS Production Craft: Momster
RTS Production Craft: How To?
Southbank award: Atomos
Knights of illumination theatre awards: Raven Girl