Animation, campaign


Greenpeace approached Nice Monster to create an animated concept for their campaign ‘Less is more’. The project needed to inspire people to eat less meat and eat more vegetables to help out with the environmental crisis. The problem we needed to visualise was a complex one – the meat industry burn down mass areas of forest to grow animal feed, once harvested the crop remains are burned creating air pollution. These factory farms also pollute our water ways through chemical waste in the animal faeces.

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Nice Monster’s created a 2.5 meter set that would tell the journey of the meat from dinner plate back to factory – factory to environment. This circular set represents the food cycle and the concept of revolution.


1. forcible overthrow of a government or social order, in favor of a new system.

2. instance of revolving.

Nice Monster decided to create the perfect society, oblivious to the environmental crisis looming before them. The characters and sets were inspired by that Stepford Wives perfection. The animated characters were made from cgi and needed to feel like model railway scale models.

The whole world was created on a 2.5 meter round set which revolves telling the story of meat backwards. The film can be split narratibvelly in two – the first part we journey from dinner plate to farm – and then from farm to pollution.


We constructed miniature 1/6th scale sets based on the concept art, then composited the super cute cgi character animation into the filmed backgrounds. Using a 360 camera we captured lighting references so the lighting and shadows match the real life lighting. The animation is created every two frames so to to get a beautiful vintage stop motion movement.